Palembang-Indralaya (Palindra) Toll Road Section 1 to be operated on May 2017

Palembang Palembang – Inderalaya Highway construction on Palembang – Pemulutan segment with 7 kilometer length is predicted to be operated before welcoming Eid Mubarak 2017. As per January 13, 2017, the progress project has reached 70.30 %.

General Manager PT. Hutama Karya (Persero), Moh Rizal Sutjipto in Palembang on Tuesday said that Palembang-Inderalaya (Palindra) Toll Road is expected to be open traffic in order to support mudik (homebound travel) this year. This has been instructed directly by President Joko Widodo.


Currently, Palembang-Pemulutan road segment is on pavement phase and it will then be continued to perform asphalt installment with 22 cm thickness. This segment will be compacted to maintain maximum tolerated settlement of 1-2 cm.

“Segment Palembang-Pemulutan (Section 1) is ensured to be used on May 2017 while section 2 connecting Pemulutan to Talang Pangeran Hilir Village is still under expectation since the land acquisition has not been completed yet. If this Section 2 could also be open, it will be another positive achievement,” Rizal said on his Palindra toll road monitoring visit.

According to the project plan, Palindra Toll road has 21.93 kilometers length which is divided into three different sections. Land acquisition which is under South Sumatra Province Government responsibility has still unfinished business. Land problem in Section 1 is successfully clear while 50 plot area in Section 2 and 12 plot area in Section 3 are still the main concern.

Hutama Karya, construction state-owned government, awarded to be involved in 644 km length of Trans Sumatera Toll Road project. They are expecting this land acquisition issue can be solved as the province government has promised it will be succeed in December 2016.

It was initially scheduled to reach 66 percent progress in Januari 2017 whereas 41 percent is the reality progress in this month due to land acquisition problem. On the other hand, Hutama Karya is responsible for 25 percent outstanding progress operational cost.

“It is not only our company issue, but also Palembang will be another home base together with Jakarta in celebrating Asian Games XVIII event 2018,” he pointed out.

Indonesia is simultaneously constructing Trans Sumatera Toll Road project connected from Aceh to Lampung in order to improve economy activity in Sumatera as it was behind compared with Java.


Source: Republika


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