Cisomang Bridge Repair Focus on Stopping Soil Movement

Jakarta – Cisomang Bridge improvement, located at KM 100+695 of West Java Purbaleunyi Highway (Purwakarta – Bandung – Cileunyi), is currently focused on stopping of ground movement.

Public Works and People’s Housing Minister (PUPR) Basoeki Hadimoeljono targeting the Cisomang Bridge work is scheduled to complete on March 31, 2017.


The progress work being done is in conformity with the plan. Based on the analysis, the soil movement can be controlled in between 1 and 2 mm starting from the beginning of improvement,” he told officially on Thursday (26/01/2017).

Currently, the main problem is happened on the pillars P2 and P3 and it is occurred since the foundation is located on shale-clay layer that is easy to be exposed by water.

“This soil character led to the crack of pillar structures. For reinforcement purpose, steel strutting is now being installed on pillars P2 and P3 in order to tie both of them. Therefore, the structure will not move anymore,” Basuki said.

Furthermore, 59 pieces of bored pile or spun pile will be approximately driven around Pillars P2 and P3. 2-3 piles could be final set per day and it is carried out for 24 hours, so that 10 pieces has already installed on site.

In time being, Pillar P0 will also be tied to hard soil layer at 57 meter depth by using steel reinforcement.

In addition, 25 cm of fiber reinforced polymer is used as bridge pillar cover to strengthen the structure.

“To prevent water seepage come from Cisomang River at the foot of the bridge, box culvert and drainage will be constructed” Basoeki added.

Rustam Agus



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