Teluk Kendari Bridge to be completed in 2018

Teluk Kendari Bridge, whose length is approximately 1.3 kilometer, is targeted to be finished by the end of 2018. Currently, construction is still on progress since the groundbreaking have been done in February 2015. Rp 729 billion will be spent in order to complete this project.

Head of the Balai Besar Pelaksanaan Jalan Nasioanl VI, Deded P Sjamsudin said that this Teluk Kendari Bridge will connect Kota Tua (Old Town) and Poasia. However, the unresolved land acquisition of both sides is the main concern.


Another issue is the activity of hazardous metal cleaning (naval mines) along the trace of the bridge that has not been done yet. Therefore, water construction works for this bridge are not able to be started.

“By introducing this bridge, it is expected to develop the activity of container port and industrial area of Lapulu, saving vehicle operating cost, shorten travel distance and/or time from Kota Tua to Poasia,” He said through official statement on Thursday (03/24/2016).

“With the bridge is expected to develop the activity of a container port and industrial estate area Lapulu, saving vehicle operating costs and shorten the distance and travel time from the Old City to Poasia,” he said through an official statement on Thursday (03/24/2016).

South-east Sulawesi Governor Nur Alam requested the House of Representative (DPR) and central government to give more attention to his district since the budget allocation is not sufficient enough.

For example, Sultra has been only given Rp 1.8 trillion in 2016. According to him, in comparing with other areas, Jakarta is allocated more than Rp 80 trillion although the Capital City has less difficulty level of area and development.

Source: Industri-Bisnis


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