West Java Governor Happy, Central Government Took Over BIJB

BANDUNG CITY – West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) excited by the central government to take over the cost of the construction of the International Airport of West Java (BIJB) Kertajati, Kab. Majalengka, so it will focus the provincial government-owned PT BIJB to regional development Aeropolis.

According to him, His side very appreciate President Jokowi working visit to BIJB location in Kertajati, Majalengka, yesterday (14/1).


On that occasion, the central government stated to take over the work of air side (runway) which lived 20% to the total needs of Rp1 trillion, while the land side were only starting to work will cost Rp2.1 trillion which is entirely sourced from the state budget.

“It makes the whole process of future development and simultaneous focus. Great job by land and air side by the central government represented by the Ministry of Transportation and PT BIJB with the capacity to build a business area Aeropolis,” he said in Bandung, Friday (15/01/2016).

Since first initiated in 2003, and was first poured in the first government of Aher period of 2009, the provincial government budget for BIJB until now has reached 1.3 trillion.

Of that figure, Rp 800 billion for land acquisition which has now reached 1,000 hectares of 1,800 hectares and the remaining requirement for equity participation PT BIJB.

West Java provincial government is ready to budget Rp800 billion in the liberation of the rest of the land in the years ahead.

Aher asked the central government to keep using the design that has been created that combines high technology and culture of West Java.

Also, ask always prioritize Majalengka and West Java in order to keep the first to enjoy positive economic impact airports and requested PT BIJB remain involved in the operations of the airport when it was finished later.

“PT BIJB itself will point out to share with Majalengka regency-owned enterprises and strategic investors in order to focus on managing the business district Aeropolis development. We will be escorted to immediately appear forms of cooperation in the regulation, so that the development of all sectors in BIJB may overlap,” he said.

The strategic investor is expected to come from national businessmen, though not rule out the possibility of foreign investors that has been applied for. The important thing, said Aher, investors have the readiness of capital and technology in the development of Aeropolis.

“We also asked the parties to continue to boost the development of Toll Cileunyi Sumedang Dawuan, so the carrying capacity to BIJB is increasingly strong. Hopefully both can be finished within close time. It is time Jabar as the province’s largest population in Indonesia has an international airport with the most complete access,” he concluded.

Source: BIJB

West Java provincial government Public Relations


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