High Speed Jakarta-Bandung Railway to Connect LRT

JAKART – High speed Jakarta-Bandung railway will be connected with mass urban transportation netwok Light Rapid Transit (LTR). For Jakarta area, train station is planing to be in Halim region while East Jakarta would be linked with Jabodetabek LRT built by PT. Adhi Karta Tbk.

Once pessenger allight at Halim Station, they may continue to Jakarta area by using LRT line Cibubur-Cawang, Bekasi Timur – Cawang, and Cawang – Dukuh Atas.


“According to Directorate Railways Transportation Ministry, Hermanto Dwi Atmoko contacted in DPR Building, Jakarta, Wednesday (13/01/2016), High speed railway will be connected with Jabodetabek LRT, end at Halim, and the occupant may continue in enjoying Jakarta with LRT

“In Bandung itself, this fast Jakarta-Bandung railway will be integrated with Bandung Raya LRT so that It is connecting to Bandung City, Bandung District, Cimahi, West Bandung District, and Sumedang.

“It is integrated with LRT in Bandung, as well, Regional Government (Pemda) is designing,” He added.

Finally, people who are traveling by using high speed Jakarta-Bandung railways are able to reach both Bandung and Jakarta easily since tehre is connectivity in between.

“Later on, Reaching City area is becoming easy and fast.” Hermanto concluded.

Source: Detik Finance


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