Total E&P Indonessie Begins Drilling in Mentawai


Total E&P Indonesia Mentawai B.V. (TEPIM) started drilling deep water at Rendang IX well in Bengkulu I Mentawai Exploration Blok on the second week of July 2014.

Drilling location was located in offshore area of Bengkulu Province which has 75 km away from Bengkulu coastline. A water depth is approximately 1000 meter. “This block is placed in the strong seismic zone.” TEPIM General Manager Hardy Pramono said in press conference on Tuesday, July 8, 2014.

According to Hardy, Drilling Rendang 1X activities would take 90 days by using water depth technology. An Ocean Monarch Rig (semi submersible rig) would be utilized in it.


As Hardy said, this drilling would be the part of company exploration for finding out new oil reserves in Indonesia. In addition, minim exploration in Offshore Sumatera was still happening.

“This first drilling in west side of Sumatera was important for exploration in Bengkulu since no finding hydrocarbon activity there.” Hardy said.

Currently, 80 % of gas is being supplied by Total to LNG Bontang. On the other hand, our production in 2013 for gas and oil/condensate were 1.760 MMscf/d and 67,000 bbl/d respectively. New Stupa has been operating as part of Mahakam Block phase 1 and 2 in October 2012 while 2 exploration wells at South East Mahakam Block (Tongkol 1 well and Anggrek Hitam 1X well) were drilled in 2013. More than 100 wells have been done for Mahakam Block Operation development.

This year, Total is planning to drill one well at Bengkulu I Mentawai block that is projected to cost more than US$35.43 million. Last year, Total carried out drilling activities in two locations in South Sorong and South East Mahakam with a total investment of US$100 million. However, the two exploration wells have not produce any oil yet.

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